Contract Management

Track, centralize and share your contract information easily

Lifecycle, tacit renewal alerts, consumption thresholds… Exploit the full potential of your supplier contracts thanks to their digitalization.

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Centralized Contracts

View the entire life cycle of your contracts through an intuitive and ergonomic interface.

Contract Monitoring

Improve the visibility of your current contracts and anticipate deadlines to reduce your supplier risks!

Digitized Process

Digitize your contracts on a secure space and facilitate your procedures.

Global Vision

Your contract database is integrated.

Supplier contracts, performance levers

Grow your supplier deals with Weproc and earn money.

Improving the rate of purchases covered by contracts is a priority for companies and we understand this. Easily integrate your agreements and make sure they are used correctly. The software then alerts you to deadlines and informs you, in real time, of your consumption levels.

Centralization of contracts

Visualize the entire life cycle of your contracts thanks to an intuitive and ergonomic interface with multiple features.

Classify and save your contracts on a single interface. Be alerted to tacit renewals and control the risks.

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Contract life cycle

Improve the visibility of your current contracts and anticipate deadlines to reduce your supplier risks.

Anticipate your contractual commitments. View your deadlines and be notified by reminders so as not to be subject to tacit renewal.

Digitization of contracts

Create a supplier contract from a simplified form and make your document usable for the different parties.

Digitize the conditions of your contracts, recall them in your exchanges and establish a relationship of trust with your suppliers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions ? We got the answers

What are the key elements to consider when drafting a supplier contract?

The drafting of a supplier contract must be rigorous to guarantee a successful collaboration and avoid future legal problems. Several key elements are to be taken into account, such as the general terms and conditions, the commitments of each party, delivery times, pricing, payment methods, termination clauses and legal responsibilities. Do not forget to include the specifics of your business, particularly in the context of multi-establishment management, as well as provisions concerning the catalogs of products or services expected and the procurement categories concerned.

How to effectively monitor and manage supplier contracts?

To effectively monitor and manage supplier contracts, it is essential to centralize information and adopt a suitable contract management system such as Weproc.

An automated workflow facilitates the monitoring of folders and businesses, guaranteeing the traceability of actions and optimizing communication between the various stakeholders.

Also consider setting up analytical performance indicators to assess the quality of the services provided, compliance with contractual commitments and the impact on allocated budgets.

How to manage renegotiations and modifications of supplier contracts?

Renegotiations and modifications of supplier contracts may be necessary to adapt the terms of the contract to changing business needs or to improve commercial conditions.

To manage these situations, it is important to conduct a detailed analysis of the supplier’s performance, identify areas for improvement and prepare solid arguments for renegotiation.

Do not hesitate to rely on analytical data to justify your requests. Open and transparent communication with the supplier will facilitate discussions and help reach a satisfactory agreement for both parties.

What are the best practices for ensuring compliance of supplier contracts with regulations and internal company policies?

To ensure compliance of supplier contracts with regulations and internal company policies, it is crucial to put in place rigorous verification and control procedures. A suitable validation circuit will allow contracts to be validated according to legal requirements, quality standards, environmental commitments and the company’s internal policies.

It is also recommended to carry out regular audits to verify the compliance of current contracts and to train the actors involved in the management of contracts with regulations and company policies.

Anticipating and managing risks related to supplier contracts requires a proactive approach and close collaboration with suppliers.

It is important to identify potential risks, such as price fluctuations linked to production costs, in order to provide margins on the budgets of the various departments.

Additional features

Supplier Management

Digitize your panel, centralize exchanges with your suppliers and monitor your data in real time.



List all of your products and services in a catalog to simplify the management of your orders.


Procurement Categories

Simplify the creation and management of your procurement categories with an overview of your expenses.


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