Easily track your product catalog

List all of your items, products and services and make them available to your employees to manage your orders.

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Products catalog

Integrate your database of articles, products and services and make them available.

Products Management

Get an overview of your activity with real-time statistical reports.

Consumption Tracking

Control your spending flows to optimize your orders.

Only Solution

Capable of bringing together all the essential information for your purchasing process.

Order with certainty, at the right price

Simply having the right information is a necessity for your teams.

Find an intelligent catalog of your articles, products and services that you buy and order within your company. Evolve with serenity in your business, and make sure you don’t make mistakes thanks to Weproc.

Centralize your products

Centralize your information with a personalized catalog. Simplify your procedures and benefit from a global vision of your prices with the features of Weproc.

Integrate your products and services that you buy and make them available to your employees from a bird’s-eye view.

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Buy at the right price

Require exhaustive needs from your catalog, automate the transmission to the edition of your purchase orders and your entries.

Thanks to the updating of data in real time, optimize the orders of your teams with a view of prices and suppliers.

Add the common services of your suppliers to your own product catalog to group them together on the same interface.

Analyze your expenses

Analyze your flow of expenses and the recurrence of your supplies using strategic indicators to make the right decisions.

Map your purchases, analyze recurrences and your purchasing families, determine strategic suppliers and negotiate prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to effectively structure your product catalog?

To effectively structure a product catalog, it is important to classify items into different categories, depending on their nature, their use or their sector of activity.

This organization facilitates the search, comparison and selection of products, as well as the management of supplier contracts. It is also essential to keep information up to date, including prices, descriptions and delivery conditions, in order to optimize the management of purchases and budgets.

What are the benefits of a centralized product catalog?

A centralized product catalog offers several advantages, especially for multi-location businesses.

It makes it possible to guarantee the consistency and homogeneity of information between the different sites, to facilitate communication and coordination between the purchasing teams, and thus to optimize supplier management. In addition, a centralized catalog makes it easier to analyze and track purchasing performance, thanks to analytical distribution and its consolidated data.

How to integrate services associated with products in a shopping catalog?

To integrate services associated with products into a shopping catalog, it is important to create dedicated categories to distinguish them from material items. These categories can group services by type (maintenance, training, support, etc.) or by area of expertise (IT, logistics, marketing, etc.).

The departments must be clearly defined, with detailed descriptions and specific conditions (duration, prices, terms of implementation), in order to facilitate the management of purchases and supplier contracts.

How to keep your product catalog up to date?

To keep a product catalog up to date, it is essential to set up an appropriate workflow, including the validation and updating of information by purchasing managers and suppliers. It is also important to carry out regular audits to check the consistency of the data, the evolution of prices and the availability of products. The use of analytical tools makes it possible to identify opportunities for improvement, such as the rationalization of product ranges, the negotiation of new contracts or the establishment of synergies between establishments.

What criteria should be taken into account when selecting suppliers?

To select the suppliers to be included in a product catalog, several criteria must be taken into account, such as the quality and reliability of the products, the prices offered, the delivery times, the terms of payment, the certifications and the standards respected.

It is also essential to assess the supplier’s ability to adapt to the specific needs of the company, the various folders in progress and the businesses to be dealt with as a priority.

Additional features

Supplier Management

Facilitate exchanges with your suppliers by digitizing your panel and centralizing your data.


Contract Management

Easily track, centralize and share key information from your supplier contracts with Weproc.


Procurement Categories

Easily create and manage your purchasing families. Get an overview to better understand your expenses.


The eProcurement Software Weproc makes your management easier

Weproc automates corporate purchasing management and simplifies your exchanges within a collaborative and ergonomic solution.

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