Reception Management

Track incoming orders in real time

Weproc allows you to track each order placed on the software and thus know your deliveries of the day.

gestion receptions commandes

Automated Tracking

Track your orders and anticipate your inventory requirements.

Reception & Compliance

Validate or not your order receipts by checking the conformity of the products.

Supplier Evaluation

Evaluate the quality of orders and work with the best suppliers.

of the annual turnover is lost

Due to bad order receipts

Track the receipt of your orders, easily.

Order receipt errors can cost companies up to 3% of their annual revenue.

This can include errors in quantity, quality or late delivery, which in turn can lead to production delays or additional costs for replacement orders.

Weproc allows you to avoid these problems by automating the tracking of your order receipts.

Automatically track your receipts in real time

Follow each order placed on the software. Keep an eye on the quantities to be received in order to forecast your stocks: ensure your future production.

Efficiently manage your incoming orders in real time with Weproc.

suivi receptions commandes
declarer conformite commandes

Declare the receptions carried out and follow the nonconformities

Weproc allows you to declare the reception of each of your orders received: quantities in conformity, non-conforming, returns…

It is also possible to add a reason for return to notify the supplier.

Rate the quality of orders placed

Keep an eye on your suppliers and service quality. Work only with the best to increase your company’s performance.

Working with the best suppliers becomes a real growth lever for your business.

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Frequently asked questions

Any questions ? We got the answers

What is reception management ?

In the context of purchasing, receiving management consists of verifying the conformity of the products or services received with the order placed and ensuring that everything is in order before proceeding with payment.

What are the benefits of a good reception management ?

Good management of receipts ensures that the products or services received are compliant, quickly detects errors or delivery problems and minimizes the risk of billing errors.

How can we improve order reception ?

To improve receiving management, it is important to have a clear and well-defined requisition process for compliance verification, implement quality controls, use tracking and reporting tools like Weproc, and train employees on the internal process.

What are the risks associated with poor reception management ?

Poor management of receipts can lead to billing or payment errors, delays in procurement processes, disputes with suppliers, and can even compromise the quality of products or services received.

Comment mesurer l'efficacité du processus de réceptions ?

To measure the effectiveness of your purchasing process, it is possible to use key performance indicators such as the error rate in receiving products and the average time spent resolving problems.

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