Procurement in the Health Sector

Adopt a sound purchasing management with a simple and efficient software: save money!


Control your purchase orders

With Weproc, the implementation of a purchasing process is automatic and therefore efficient. Your objectives of reducing financial and supplier risks are favored thanks to good purchasing control.

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Control your purchase orders

Keep control of your purchase orders, from order placement to receipt. Save time on the processing of your purchase orders. Orders are traceable to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Track the receipt of your orders

Receipts are just a click away. You can track them and indicate the information about the received order. Whether the order compliant or not, your employees can see every step of the process.

Reconcile invoices easily

Organize all your invoices in the software. Linked to the associated order, save time during its management. Check and validate the differences and send them to the financial services.


The modules that healthcare facilities use

Supplier Management

Thanks to the latest generation of supplier management software (SRM), you can easily manage your supplier panel and work with the best. Supplier relationship management is a priority in 2022 given the challenges of today’s purchasing and volatile supplier supply. Give yourself the means to achieve this with an integrated supplier portal, supplier vault and optimized statistical analysis for better risk management.


Control your base of items, products and services and order what you need, at the right price. Your price lists are integrated into the purchasing software and the catalogs are updated within your supplier management. Product catalogs by supplier are digitized, costs are controlled, and expense reports are tracked under several segments such as item category.

Budget Management

Track your budgets from the software and control your supplier expenses. Keep visibility on your commitment levels and drive your business with reliable, real-time metrics. Budget management is a good practice for growing SMEs that want to control their expenses. Thanks to Weproc’s budget module, make your management controller happy.


Follow the evolution of your expenses with our different dashboards. Thanks to these management indicators, you have an overview of your purchases and supplier expenses. The information is already reprocessed, exportable, and ready for your activity reports.

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Weproc Purchasing Software makes managing your business easier

Weproc automates corporate purchasing management and streamlines your exchanges within a collaborative, user-friendly solution.

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