Purchasing Management Software

Software that transforms the purchasing and procurement of modernizing businesses.

Thanks to the automation of operations, the tool allows your teams to focus on their strategic missions and offers a fluid and interactive user experience.
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What is purchasing software?

Purchasing management software such as Weproc enables companies to easily manage all their orders, from requisition to payment. This type of software also facilitates the monitoring of suppliers, contracts, budgets and company consumption.

Thanks to Weproc’s purchasing information system, the management of expenditure commitments is under control. Real-time order validation and data centralization optimize your processing costs. Weproc offers comprehensive procurement management, functionalities tailored to your needs, and statistics with customized indicators.

Benefits of Weproc's purchasing software

A collaborative tool

A collaborative tool

Order validation workflow, procurement procedures and automated purchasing procedures, real-time information. The automation of internal processes strengthens the organization of your company.

A profitable organization

A profitable organization

Controlled expense management with all-in-one purchasing software. Focus on your core business and benefit from the automation of activities and your purchasing process.

Performance objective

Performance objective

Manage your supplier management and build a purchasing policy thanks to dynamic dashboards and the modeling of statistics in real time. Think strategy with optimal risk management.

Purchasing management is all about teamwork

Whether you are a small business without a buyer or a purchasing department within an SME, everyone is concerned by purchasing. You need a simplification of purchasing procedures. Guess what ? We automate it!


Weproc is a complete purchasing software package tailored to your business, intuitive and user-friendly. Forget Excel spreadsheets, let your mailbox breathe, and find all the functionalities you’ve been dreaming of, centralized within Weproc. We’re going to save you time in your procurement management.


Rest assured, all your data is centralized, from supplier management to your budgets. Your employees benefit from an easy-to-use tool, and your business can continue no matter what ! Your expenses are under control, and you keep control of your procedures.



Need to buy but it’s not your job ? Don’t stress anymore. Validate your purchase request very simply and very quickly so as not to penalize your activity and concentrate on your core business. The procedure is respected, and you can work serenely thanks to Weproc.


What's the purpose of a purchasing management software?

The purchasing function of companies is essential. It has always existed and will continue with many changes. An optimal purchasing management allows to reach performance levels. That’s why you must now opt for a digital transformation of your purchasing.


All our features

Invoices approving

Invoices approving

You release invoices instead of purchase requisitions.



RFXs are not systematic and there is little competition.

Data Processing

Data Processing

Data processing and reprocessing is time consuming.

Clear Vision

Clear Vision

You do not have a clear vision of your purchases or supplier management.



Your ERP software is not enough and Excel and your mailbox organize your purchases.



The orders follow each other but there is no follow-up of the files.

Modules of our Purchasing Software

Weproc is a purchasing management solution designed to optimize your business processes. Our purchasing software offers a range of integrated modules, each dedicated to a specific function in the purchasing process.
From supplier management to order and invoice tracking, Weproc is the all-in-one tool that transforms your purchasing management.

Purchasing Management


Efficiently manage purchase requisitions and commitments thanks to order validation circuits aligned with your organization.

Modernize your administrative procedures to reduce the costs associated with your business processes: centralized grouping of purchasing files, instant validations and automatic budget management.

Management of Suppliers


Thanks to the latest generation supplier management software (SRM), manage your panel of suppliers very easily and work with the best. Supplier relationship management is a priority in 2022 in the face of current purchasing challenges and volatile supplier supplies.

Give yourself the means to achieve this with an integrated supplier portal, Supplier Vault and optimized statistical analyzes for better risk management.

centralisation catalogues



Master your base of articles, products and services and order what you need, at the right price. Your price lists are integrated into the purchasing software and the catalogs are updated within your supplier management.

The catalogs produced by supplier are thus digitized, the costs controlled and the expense reports monitored under several segments such as the category of articles.

Contract Management


Master order management with the use of your framework agreements and supplier contracts. Weproc is a complete purchasing software that allows you to digitize all your supplier contracts and ensure their proper management.

Ensure efficient supply and state-of-the-art financial management with smart contract monitoring: tacit renewal alerts, consumption trends, analysis of end-of-year discounts, etc.


Invoice Management


Controlled purchases are the delight of management control. Thanks to the centralization of purchasing files, managing supplier invoices becomes child’s play.

The management of commitment requests ends naturally in the accounting module where all the data is known to automate the entry of accounting entries and payment commitments. Invoice processing is simplified and the associated costs are optimized.

Process Management


Weproc is an e-procurement type purchasing solution designed to automate repetitive tasks. It is also a rights management tool with major advantages in the customization of interfaces and the user-friendliness of its use even on a mobile device, ideal for validating remote orders.

Organize your internal purchases, plan your future purchases, control your direct purchases. Everything is possible with your Weproc purchasing software.


ERP and accounting integration


Our software connects seamlessly with your other tools to make your life easier. Say goodbye to manual, repetitive data entry: we take care of it for you.

Weproc is not only compatible with ERP systems and accounting software, but also ensures automated data transmission thanks to API integration of all our modules.

Discover all our features


Frequently Asked Questions
Any questions ? We got the answers !

What is a purchasing management software ?

purchasing management software like Weproc allows companies to easily manage all their orders, from the purchase request to the payment, including the validation of the invoice. It is also possible to automatically track suppliers, contracts, budgets, business and products consumed within the company.

Why implement a purchasing management software ?

Implementing a purchasing management software allows you to follow and control your expenses in order to be more efficient, and thus keep the hand on the management of your company. It becomes easy to optimize your purchasing, supply and supplier invoicing processes.

Moreover, the functionalities of modern purchasing software often offer better inventory management, cost reduction, order traceability, process automation, improved quality/price and better supplier relations.

The implementation of a purchasing software is therefore a key solution to digitize your purchasing processes and guarantee an optimal management of your supply chain.

Who can use a purchasing management software ?

Any company, regardless of its size or industry, can use purchasing management software and benefit from it. Whether it’s to automate procurement processes, track expenses, manage suppliers, or improve the quality of purchased products, purchasing software offers many features adapted to the needs of each company.

Weproc is especially effective when you feel the need to control your internal process, in order to better monitor your company’s procurement and ensure proper inventory management. Our solution is accessible to all budgets and levels of use.

How to set up a purchasing management software ?

The time it takes to set up a purchasing management software depends on the complexity of your purchasing process and the data to be imported into the software.

At Weproc, the implementation time is between 2 and 7 days, depending on the amount of data to import. If you do not wish to import any data, Weproc can be set up instantly.

What are the advantages of using a purchasing management software ?

Using a purchasing management software like Weproc offers many advantages on your purchasing process :

  • Tracking purchase requests, consultations and orders is simplified.
  • You save time in validating requests, tracking orders, and processing invoices and payments.
  • The follow-up of suppliers, the respect of budgets, and the good use of negotiated contracts allow any company to gain in productivity.

Weproc Purchasing Software makes managing your business easier

Weproc automates corporate purchasing management and streamlines your exchanges within a collaborative, user-friendly solution.

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