Department Management

Structure and analyze your purchases by department

Gather the needs of all your departments and structure the actions to be carried out, from anywhere.

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Validation Workflow

Customize your validation circuits for each of the departments.

Compliance with Procedures

Set up a purchasing procedure adapted by department with an overview.

Expense Management

Easily access your data and track the consumption of each service.

Only Platform

To centralize the purchases of all your departments

Analyze your expenses by department

Not having a clear view of the expenses of each department of your company can lead to costly mistakes.

Cost control remains the main element of sound financial management. Weproc allows you to follow the expenses of each of your departments in real time, in order to keep an eye on the internal distribution of expenses.

Follow your budgets, create validation circuits: optimize your cost management by department.

Suivez vos budgets, créez des circuits de validation : optimisez votre gestion des coûts par service.

Create validation circuits for each department

Weproc allows the customization of validation processes according to the departments involved in your purchases, and allows real-time notification of the users concerned to speed up the validation process.

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Enforce your process

Harmonize and implement an expense control system across all your departments. Get the big picture with a single solution that adapts its features to your needs.

Manage your expenses by department

Each time an order is placed through the software, the consumption of each department is updated automatically and the distribution analyzes are also updated in real time. All data is accessible in 1 click.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to structure and analyze purchases by department?

To structure and analyze purchases by department within the company, it is important to set up an appropriate monitoring and reporting process.

This involves categorizing expenses by department, centralizing information in a procurement management system, and tracking budgets allocated to each department.

The use of analytical tools makes it possible to identify trends and opportunities for optimization, thus facilitating decision-making and the allocation of resources.

How to gather and coordinate the purchasing needs of all the departments of the company?

To gather and coordinate the purchasing needs of all departments of the company, it is essential to set up fluid communication and efficient workflows. This can involve the use of collaborative tools, the definition of common procedures and the creation of inter-departmental working groups. By centralizing purchase requests and structuring the actions to be carried out, it is possible to gain in efficiency and better meet the needs of each department.

How to ensure effective follow-up of purchase requests in a multi-department context?

To ensure effective monitoring of purchase requests in a multi-department context, it is important to adopt a purchasing management system such as Weproc to centralize information and ensure traceability of requests.

The validation steps must be adapted to the specificities of each service, while guaranteeing effective coordination between the various actors involved. Finally, performance indicators adapted to each department make it possible to monitor the evolution of purchases and to optimize processes on an ongoing basis.

What are the best practices for optimizing the management of purchases by department?

To optimize purchasing management in a multi-service context, several best practices can be implemented.

It is essential to clearly define the needs and objectives of each department, to promote collaboration and the exchange of information between departments, and to establish a culture of continuous improvement. The implementation of a centralized purchasing management system also makes it possible to track and analyze the expenses of each department, thus facilitating the identification of opportunities for optimization.

How to guarantee the flexibility and adaptability of departments?

In a multi-department and/or multi-establishment context, it is important to put in place scalable processes and tools.

This implies giving priority to modular and customizable solutions such as Weproc, capable of adapting to the specificities of each business and each folder of the company. In addition, fluid communication and effective coordination mechanisms allow you to better anticipate market developments and react quickly to new requirements from your suppliers.

Additional features

Contract Management

Optimize the management of your supplier contracts by easily tracking and sharing key information.



Simplify the management of your orders by grouping all your products and services in a catalog.


Procurement Categories

Optimize the management of your expenses by simplifying the creation of your procurement categories.


The eProcurement Software Weproc makes your management easier

Weproc automates corporate purchasing management and simplifies your exchanges within a collaborative and ergonomic solution.

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