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Collaboration has no limits

Purchasing software for all your employees, a more efficient company.


Optimize your purchasing management with Weproc

Control your expenses in real time, simplify your validation process and centralize your data for complete visibility. Efficiently manage your suppliers with customized modules and statistics. Discover now the purchasing software adapted to your company !

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The benefits of using Weproc

A collaborative tool

Order validation workflow, automated procurement and purchasing procedures, real-time information. The automation of internal processes strengthens the organization of your company.

A profitable organization

Get control of your spend with an all-in-one purchasing software. Focus on your core business and benefit from the automation of your purchasing activities and process.

Performance goal

Pilot your supplier management and build a purchasing policy using dynamic dashboards and real-time statistics modeling. Think strategically with optimal risk management.

For Buyers

Weproc is tailor-made to facilitate the work of buyers. From the purchase request to the order placement, your work is optimized in order to save you time to focus on your core business. Our RFQ module allows you to centrally compete with multiple suppliers and work with the best suppliers on the market.

For Purchasers

Work in collaboration with different parts of your company : buyers who can communicate prices and contracts, operational staff who report needs, and finance who validate budgets and expenses. Your purchase orders are automatically generated based on demand, and keep an eye on receipts that are in progress in your company.

For Directors

Our software allows you to have an overview of all your company’s expenses. Control costs and delivery times, which are so important for your company’s performance. In addition, all your purchasing statistics are accessible in one click: suppliers, budgets, contracts, projects…


For Financial Managers

Finally, a tool that allows you to validate requirements before validating expenses. Create validation circuits that will allow you to control the expense as soon as the need is issued internally, and not when the invoice is received. Follow your finances in real time with our budget management module.

The eProcurement Software Weproc makes your management easier

Weproc automates corporate purchasing management and simplifies your exchanges within a collaborative and ergonomic solution.

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