Analytical Distribution

Analyze the performance of your cost centers

Benefit from an operational dashboard and a detailed analysis of your purchasing data broken down analytically.

analyse des centres de couts

Analytical Breakdown

Set up a follow-up of your purchasing performance and analyze your activity.

Global Vision

Gain perspective on your buying process and make the right choices.

Expense Analysis

Analyze and compare your expenses according to several criteria.

Out of 2 companies

Notes expenditures that do not comply with the purchasing policy established internally.

Your cost centers are visible at any time

A misallocation of expenses can have serious consequences for the financial health of your business.

Weproc gives you complete visibility into your cost centers and saves you time by intelligently automating the analytical breakdown of your expenses.

Implementation of the analytical follow-up

Assign one or more analytical codes to your purchases in order to analyze your expenses in relation to your cost centers.

Have all the information on your company’s commitments and target the areas with high performance potential.

suivi analytique
repartitions analytiques

Provide transparency of information

The flexibility of the tool allows you to cross-reference your purchases over a period of time to facilitate your analysis and adjust the information.

Cost accounting is a key feature that allows for better decision making thanks to a global vision.

Smart analysis of your expenses

Analyze the distribution of your expenses according to different criteria on your cost and profit centers and compare them.

Detail the distribution of your cash inflows and outflows and facilitate accounting with an optimized accounting breakdown.

statistiques analytique


Frequently asked questions

Any questions ? We got the answers

What is analytical distribution?

Cost allocation is a method that consists of allocating purchasing costs to the different activities, departments or projects of the company. It provides a detailed and accurate view of expenses, making it easier to analyze performance, control budgets and make strategic decisions.

By using cost allocation, companies can identify cost optimization opportunities and improve the efficiency of their purchasing management.

How to set up a good analytical breakdown?

To implement an effective cost allocation, it is important to define relevant allocation criteria, depending on the company’s objectives and specificities. This may include allocation by department, project, purchasing families or cost center.

It is also crucial to establish clear and consistent procedures for cost allocation, as well as appropriate monitoring and reporting tools to ensure regular control and in-depth analysis of your business expenses.

How to adapt the analytical distribution to several establishments?

In a multi-institutional context, it is essential to harmonize the criteria and procedures for cost allocation to ensure a global and consistent view of expenses.

This can be achieved by implementing centralized eprocurement software that allows for easy sharing of information and best practices between different organizations, and by defining common rules for cost allocation, taking into account local and global specificities.

In particular, Weproc allows for the integration of personalized validation circuits that facilitate collaboration between teams

What are the main challenges of analytical distribution?

The main challenges related to cost allocation include defining the relevant allocation criteria, establishing clear and consistent procedures for cost allocation, and setting up monitoring and reporting tools adapted to your cases.

It is also important to ensure the reliability and completeness of the data used for cost allocation and to ensure that stakeholders understand and adhere to the methods and objectives of cost allocation.

How to use cost allocation to optimize supplier relationships?

Analytical breakdown can be used to better understand the costs associated with each supplier and identify opportunities to improve supplier relationships and associated contracts.

By analyzing spend by supplier and comparing it to performance criteria and business objectives, it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of your partnerships.

The additional features


Centralize all your products and services in a catalog to facilitate the management of your orders.



Optimize your budget control by tracking your expenses in real time from a powerful tool.


Business Management

Optimize the management of your projects and ongoing business by tracking their progress in real time with Weproc.


The eProcurement Software Weproc makes your management easier

Weproc automates corporate purchasing management and simplifies your exchanges within a collaborative and ergonomic solution.

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