Suppliers Management

Manage your supplier relationships with an innovative SRM

Control your supplier relations

Supplier Vault

Supplier Vault

Create and list your supplier records from a centralized space.

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Control & Analysis

Control & Analysis

Analyze the statistical reports of your suppliers thanks to numerous indicators.

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Integrated Supplier Portal

Integrated Supplier Portal

Send your requests for quotes and orders to your suppliers in one click.

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Discover all our features

77% of Purchasing Departments have a supplier risk management objective, according to a study conducted by AgileBuyer.

Manage your supplier relationships smoothly

And naturally integrate risk assessment into your departments.

Your analysis tools evolve in real time on Weproc with the daily management of your suppliers and orders. Control your decisions and reduce your fixed administrative management costs or even consolidate your purchasing flows.

Centralization of supplier files

Access this centralized information and optimize your searches from a 100% digital panel!

Assign items, products and services to your suppliers in order to use them as efficiently as possible with your prescribers. Find the history of current and past purchases from your suppliers, and all the statistics that summarize your exchanges.

panel fournisseurs
statistiques fournisseurs

Analysis of supplier data

Average order cost, dependency rate, average delays… Find your strategic indicators on an intuitive dashboard and manage the performance of your suppliers.

Thanks to the history and categorization of flows, gain insight into your collaborations and monitor the compliance of your supplier panel.

Supplier Portal

Transmit your requests for quotes and orders to your suppliers by facilitating exchanges. All they have to do is click on a link to send their documents directly on the Weproc supplier portal.

Save time when placing orders with Weproc’s features and easily optimize your purchasing process.


Frequently Asked Questions
Any questions ? We got the answers !

What is supplier management and why is it so important?

Supplier management is an essential process that enables companies to select, evaluate and manage their supplier relationships. It aims to optimize performance, product or service quality, and profitability.

Good supplier management contributes to cost reduction, supply chain improvement and the achievement of strategic business objectives. In addition, it fosters long-term relationships with suppliers, while limiting procurement risks for your organizations.

How to select the best suppliers for your company?

Selecting the best suppliers for your company involves several crucial steps.

It is essential to establish selection criteria adapted to the needs of the company, such as the product catalog, the reliability of deliveries, the competitiveness of the prices or the capacity of innovation. Then, it is recommended to make a comparative analysis of the pre-selected suppliers taking into account these criteria. Do not hesitate to ask for references and to check their reputation on the market. Finally, it is essential to negotiate the commercial conditions and to set up clear contracts to guarantee a long-lasting and fruitful relationship.

How to evaluate the performance of its suppliers?

Evaluating supplier performance is a key step in ensuring that your business is well managed. Several performance indicators (KPI) can be used to measure quality, delivery speed, respect of deadlines, after-sales service or price competitiveness.

It is recommended to establish precise and realistic objectives for each indicator and to perform regular evaluations. The results obtained will help identify areas for improvement and implement corrective actions if necessary.

What are the main risks associated with supplier management and how can they be minimized?

The main risks related to supplier management are stock-outs, quality problems, delivery delays, dependence on a single supplier and financial risks related to budget overruns. To minimize these risks, it is recommended to regularly monitor suppliers with analytics and evaluate their performance.

How can we improve our relationship with our suppliers?

A good relationship with suppliers requires open, transparent and regular communication. It is important to discuss mutual expectations and share common goals to facilitate collaboration. In addition, it is essential to build trust by recognizing suppliers’ performance and being attentive to their needs.

Don’t forget to set up regular performance reviews and discuss opportunities for improvement to strengthen the relationship and foster mutual development.

The additional features

Folders Management

Folders Management

With Weproc, you can gather all your requests, consultations and orders in a single file for easy tracking.

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Streamline your approval process and save time by maximizing the efficiency of your employees.

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Procurement Categories

Procurement Categories

Easily create and manage your purchasing families. Get an overview and make strategic decisions.

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Our tips for effective supplier management

Good supplier management is essential for optimizing your purchasing and improving your company’s performance. With supplier management software like Weproc, you can centralize all your supplier information, monitor and analyze their performance, and facilitate communication with them.

What’s more, using purchasing management software saves you time and avoids errors that can occur when entering information manually.

The importance of data quality in supplier management

Data quality is a key element in supplier management. Accurate, up-to-date data enables you to make informed decisions and improve your purchasing.

With Weproc SRM software, you can ensure the quality of your supplier data thanks to advanced functionalities.

Key success factors in supplier management

Several factors are essential for successful supplier management. These include centralizing supplier information, communicating effectively with suppliers, monitoring and analyzing supplier performance, and using supplier management software such as Weproc.

The impact of supplier management on your performance

Supplier management has a direct impact on your company’s performance. Good supplier management can help you optimize your purchasing, improve the quality of the products and services you buy, and strengthen your relationships with your partners.

With our supplier management software, you can improve your company’s performance.

Weproc Purchasing Software makes managing your business easier

Weproc automates corporate purchasing management and streamlines your exchanges within a collaborative, user-friendly solution.

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