Purchasing Information System (PIS)

Purchasing management is a must. Accelerate your business with our solution.

Our purchasing information system is designed to be both user-friendly and high-performance.

What is a Purchasing Information System?

As you know, every company seeks to improve and optimize its purchasing spend. The Purchasing IS, or Purchasing Information System, is an essential element in facilitating purchasing procedures using best practices. The Purchasing Information System is an IT solution that brings together all your company’s procurement, purchasing and supplier data in one place. Our purchasing management software will help you to better understand your strategies, establish solid relationships with your partners and identify areas for improvement to reduce costs.

The advantages of our Purchasing IS

To remain competitive in a globalized economic environment, companies like yours are faced with the constant need to reduce costs while improving operational efficiency. Here are just some of the benefits that Weproc, the next–generation Purchasing Information System, can bring to your business:

Streamlining processes

Streamlining processes

Thanks to its ability to bring together all relevant information in a single interface, Weproc facilitates decision–making for finance departments.

Risk management

Risk management

Our information system helps companies to anticipate and monitor operational risks related to procurement.

Improving relationships

Improving relationships

By facilitating communication between suppliers and various internal partners, the IS helps to establish smoother work processes.

Weproc's key features

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Suppliers Management


This means being able to record and track all your suppliers’ information, such as contact details, product references, prices… Benefit from an interface specially designed to access and share your partners‘ information easily.

Contract Management


As a complete SRM solution, Weproc facilitates the digitization of all your supplier contracts and ensures their optimal management.

Ensure advanced financial management thanks to intelligent contract tracking. Receive alerts for tacit contract renewals, track consumption trends and automatically analyze year–end discounts.

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Supplier Evaluation


To optimize the quality of your purchasing, you need to regularly evaluate the performance of your suppliers. This evaluation can be based on various criteria, such as product quality, negotiated prices and delivery times.

Smart analysis


Analytical tracking in Weproc enables you to assign one or more analytical codes to your purchases.

Our information system then helps you examine your expenditure in relation to your cost centers, providing an accurate, up-to-date interpretation of the current situation to optimize purchasing decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Any questions ? We got the answers !

What are the criteria for choosing a good Purchasing IS?

It’s important to select software tailored to your company’s specific needs. Here are some essential criteria for choosing the right Purchasing IS:

  • Interoperability: The information system must be able to integrate easily with other systems and applications already in use in your company, such as ERP, CRM, accounting software...
  • Ergonomics: Daily use of the solution requires intuitive ergonomics, so that it can be used correctly by all stakeholders.
  • Modularity: Every company has different purchasing management needs. A good purchasing IS must offer customizable modules and functionalities to meet your organization’s specific requirements.
  • Security: Protecting your company’s sensitive data is a priority, so it’s important to select a tool that complies with security standards and ensures the confidentiality of stored information.

How to communicate effectively in-house with the PIS?

It’s a fact: adopting a new IT tool is often difficult for everyone in a company. To ensure the successful integration of your new purchasing management solution, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Involve all company partners: Finance and procurement departments, as well as third parties such as suppliers, must be fully involved in the process of implementing and using the new system.
  2. Organize training sessions: To promote optimal use of the software, it’s crucial to set up inhouse training sessions to help your teams make the most of the various modules.
  3. Set up personalized support: Weproc can provide you with technical support at any time.

How can the PIS improve my company's purchasing process?

Tools like Weproc optimize the purchasing process by automating tasks and providing detailed analysis of your purchasing data.

Take advantage of numerous benefits within your company to achieve your objectives: cost reduction, overall visibility, time savings...

Can we customize the software to meet our company's specific needs?

Of course! Our tool is highly customizable to suit the unique needs of each user.

Keep control of your business with flexible configuration options.

How much does it cost to implement a Purchasing IS?

The cost of implementing these solutions varies according to the size of your business, the complexity of your internal processes and the level of customization required.

At Weproc, we offer flexible pricing plans, including subscription options and customized pricing models, to deliver a solution that fits your budget.

Weproc Purchasing Software makes managing your business easier

Weproc automates corporate purchasing management and streamlines your exchanges within a collaborative, user-friendly solution.

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