Supplier Portal

Simplify collaboration with your suppliers through simplified onboarding

Centralize information and digitalize customer-supplier exchanges using a collaborative tool.

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Supplier contracts

Centralize your supplier contracts and be notified of due dates.


Group your orders on the supplier portal and track their status.


Switch to electronic invoicing and reduce processing times.

Supplier Portal

To make exchanges easier

A single portal for all your interactions with suppliers

Our supplier portal provides you with a single platform for managing all your interactions with your suppliers.

You can track your orders, manage your invoices, and access all information and administrative documents relating to your suppliers.

Supplier Contract Management

Our portal lets you create, modify and track your supplier contracts directly from a single platform.

Receive alerts for important deadlines and make sure you’re always up to date.

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RFQ management

Our supplier portal enables you to manage your tenders efficiently, compare offers and select the supplier that best meets your needs.

With Weproc, you can easily improve the management of your supplier consultations and calls for tender.

Order processing

Weproc enables you to centralize all your orders, track their status in real time, and communicate effectively with your suppliers.

Thanks to our solution, you can improve the traceability of your orders and optimize your purchasing process.

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Compliance Management

Ensure the compliance of your purchases with Weproc’s purchasing software.

Our supplier portal provides complete traceability of your actions and secures your purchasing process. What’s more, it allows you to centralize and secure all your data, facilitating auditing and compliance.

Invoice transmission

Weproc enables you to receive and manage your electronic invoices directly from the supplier portal, reducing processing times and improving the efficiency of your invoicing process.

What’s more, our tool ensures the security of your data and facilitates integration with your existing management systems.

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Frequently asked questions

Any questions ? We got the answers

What is a supplier portal?

A supplier portal is an online platform that facilitates communication and data exchange between a company and its suppliers. It centralizes information, documents and processes linked to supplier management, such as inquiries, orders and invoices.

The supplier portal is an essential tool for optimizing supplier management and improving the efficiency of purchasing processes.

What are the benefits of using Weproc supplier portal?

Weproc’s supplier portal simplifies the management of enquiries, orders and invoices, and improves communication with suppliers. What’s more, it offers complete traceability of actions and secures the purchasing process.

With Weproc, you can optimize your purchasing process, improve customer/supplier relations, and make significant savings on your purchasing budgets.

How does the supplier portal improve order management?

The supplier portal offers features that improve order management by centralizing all information and facilitating order tracking.

With Weproc, you can monitor the status of your orders in real time, communicate effectively with your suppliers, and ensure better traceability of your actions. What’s more, our solution facilitates integration with your ERP system, optimizing data flow and improving the efficiency of the ordering process.

How does Weproc's supplier portal simplify invoice transmission?

Weproc’s supplier portal facilitates the transmission of invoices by enabling them to be sent and received dematerially. This reduces processing times, improves the efficiency of the invoicing process, and ensures data security.

What’s more, our tool offers full traceability of your invoices, facilitating auditing and compliance.

Are data secured when using the supplier portal?

Yes, data security is a priority for Weproc. Our supplier portal ensures the security of your data. All information and documents exchanged via our portal are secure and encrypted.

With Weproc, you can use a supplier portal with confidence in the knowledge that customer and supplier data is secure.

Our add-ons

Supplier management

Simplify exchanges with your partners by digitizing your panel and centralizing your data.



Group all products and services together in a catalog to make it easier to manage your orders.


Contract Management

Track, centralize and share essential information on your supplier contracts with Weproc.


The eProcurement Software Weproc makes your management easier

Weproc automates corporate purchasing management and simplifies your exchanges within a collaborative and ergonomic solution.

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