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53 establishments in France

Taille d’entreprise

250 to 500 employees

About Taquipneu

Taquipneu is a growing family business created in the 1930s, Euromaster franchisee since 2017 and member of the Michelin network. With more than 60 years of experience, the group currently has 53 centers serving individuals and professionals: tires, air conditioning, oil changes, brakes, shock absorbers, parallelism, exhaust, etc.

They also offer a set of tire services specially dedicated to industrial professionals: transporters, civil engineering, farmers, handling, etc. From breakdown assistance to fleet management, Taquipneu supports professionals on a daily basis to make the road safer for them.

TAQUIPNEU Group in a few figures:

  • Created in 1930.
  • 53 agencies in 8 departments in the south-west of France.
  • 400 employees, 90% of whom are in technical positions.
  • 130 intervention vehicles.
  • 340,000 tires of all types sold per year.
  • A permanent stock of 45,000 tyres.
  • 20,000 customers.

Before Weproc

The purchases of the 53 establishments of Taquipneu were monitored with Excel files, depending on the suppliers.

Before the use of Weproc, purchases at Taquipneu were made by adapting to suppliers. Some vendors allowed online ordering, while others had product lines with agreed pricing through an Excel file created, printed, and sent to the vendor based on their requirements. However, this method quickly became messy, with many emails, phone calls, and Excel files scattered all over the place.

Employees tended to forget to process certain purchase requests because they arrived from all sides without real visibility. Questions such as “did we place the order correctly?” or “did we receive the order?” were often raised.

With only two people in the purchasing department, it was difficult to know if the second buyer had placed the order and which orders had been placed, received or still awaiting confirmation. It was therefore crucial to structure the purchases by using a tracking tool that made it possible to create and trace orders.

The challenge

Their order tracking method had become too complex to use: this manual purchasing method had become very long and unreliable.

The Taquipneu team had to adapt to the different suppliers they worked with: several methods were used, with several different supports. This quickly complicated the exchanges with many emails, calls and Excel files scattered everywhere. Sometimes requests slipped through the cracks.

It was therefore crucial to structure the purchases with a purchase management software allowing to create and trace the orders, with a follow-up solution to ensure that everything was done well and that the orders were placed in a simple and fast way.

Centralize all orders

Buyers had difficulty structuring orders from suppliers without a catalog, creating a large amount of Excel files, emails and telephone conversations. This resulted in wasted time, confusion and errors in order processing, and difficulty in tracking orders.

Track deliveries and receipts of orders

There was no real-time tracking on the delivery of their orders. They were only notified of anomalies when there was a problem, which meant they could not track the progress of their orders in real time.


“The more orders there were, the more difficult it was to follow up: was the order placed, was it delivered and received? Monitoring on an Excel file was no longer possible.”

Alice Girard, Purchasing Manager at Taquipneu


Why Taquipneu chose Weproc

Taquipneu opted for Weproc to meet its specific needs for the entire order management part.

Looking for a simple and effective solution, Taquipneu wanted a quick set-up and a tool that was easy to use. Weproc meets all these criteria for the proper functioning of the company.

Simple and scalable implementation

Weproc offered an implementation that was easy to set up and scale, without requiring any special technical skills.

Purchase order management

Weproc offered the possibility of generating purchase orders that could be generated automatically, sent directly by email to suppliers, and traced, thus allowing better management of purchases.

Flexibility of use and reasonable budget

The solution is flexible and adapts perfectly to what Taquipneu was looking for, while remaining affordable in terms of cost.

Simplicity without unnecessary modules

Unlike other solutions, Weproc wasn’t weighed down with unnecessary features, making it easier to use and more effective at tracking business activity.

Activity tracking

Weproc allows Taquipneu to better monitor their activity, know what they are buying and spending from whom, while remaining focused on their work and leaving no one behind.


“We were looking for a solution that was simple to set up and easy to use. Weproc meets these 2 criteria.”

Alice Girard, Purchasing Manager at Taquipneu


The results

Taquipneu now saves time on its management and follow-up of orders in real time and can customize its ordering processes according to its needs.

Time saving

One of the most important advantages of Weproc for Taquipneu is considerable time savings. The company can now manage their order processes with just a few clicks, without having to spend hours processing orders manually. In addition, the platform also automates order tracking, which reduces processing times.

Order traceability

Another advantage of Weproc is the traceability of orders in real time. Taquipneu can follow the status of its orders in real time and receive notifications at each stage of the process, and thus react quickly in the event of problems.

Open and adaptable

Weproc is also an open and adaptable platform, which allows Taquipneu to customize its ordering processes according to its specific needs. Taquipneu can create custom ordering processes for each supplier, making it possible to meet everyone’s unique needs.

When an organization grows, it is essential that its tools can be adapted to its needs. By deploying Weproc within Taquipneu, the company has established well-defined and streamlined procedures. Better expense management has led to an overall improvement in business efficiency.

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