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Company size

10 to 20 employees

About Matisseo

The story of Matisseo begins in 2006. At the beginning, the company did not have many heads. In fact, it only had one, its creator: Stéphan Brachet. Over time, the team has grown, the photo books have been perfected and many products have emerged.

Proud of their products, they love what they do and that’s what they want to convey through their work, craftsmanship.

Their products are printed and shaped in Meylan, located in the Grésivaudan Valley near Grenoble. The latter is called Paper Industry Valley and its history is linked to art and printing.

Today, Matisseo is a family business of 16 people who share the same values: values of benevolence, sharing and attention to detail. It has equipped itself with state-of-the-art equipment to offer products of exceptional quality.

But growth inevitably leads to new problems: more order flow, more internal people with needs: the organization quickly becomes a problem if the management of purchases is not framed.

Weproc is proud of the work carried out by Stéphan and his team who have implemented a solution to strengthen Matisseo’s order management. With purchasing flow management under their control, Matisseo can continue to expand and thus deliver what they prefer: beautiful quality products for their customers.

Before Weproc

Matisseo’s purchases were tracked with a tool created internally at the start on an Excel file.

The needs were reported from the workshop, which were then transmitted to Yohan who checked the stocks and reported the need to place an order to Bruno, the Financial Director.

First problem: it was enough that one person was not present and that delayed the placing of orders. These delays could lead to delays in orders from Matisseo customers.

In addition, the fact of using a spreadsheet to track orders placed did not make it possible to follow in real time what was happening, nor even to be sure of the good reception of the purchase order on the supplier’s side. Duplicate orders may be placed.

Finally, it was complicated to follow the receptions and to ensure that the orders received corresponded to the orders placed. The spreadsheet could not verify that the supplier had sent everything that had been ordered, and at the right price.

The challenge

Their document management system had become too cumbersome to use: this manual purchasing system had become time-consuming and unreliable.

With an ever-increasing flow of orders over the years, the Matisseo team quickly realized that spreadsheets and emails were not the best way to manage and track purchases and thus take purchasing decisions.

The objective of Stéphan and the Matisseo team was clear: to find a smart and simple solution capable of tracking and managing the company’s orders efficiently in order to save time on the entire procedure.

Have visibility on orders

We had to find a solution that would allow us to create, manage and track all of the company’s orders. Collaboration was not required with a follow-up on Excel file. The solution had to save time for the whole team in order to optimize the purchasing process: to have the possibility of quickly creating orders in complete autonomy in order to replenish stocks of raw materials, in order to meet customer needs.

Track orders and receipts

The solution should also make it possible to monitor the progress of orders: know in real time the orders placed, the orders being delivered, and the orders already received. Having visibility on the progress of deliveries was a real challenge in order to forecast incoming stocks and thus respond to customer orders. It was also necessary to be able to know precisely the quantities ordered and reconcile them with the quantities received, in order to monitor as closely as possible the expected balances and, in this case, to claim from the suppliers.

Reconcile invoices received with orders

Finally, reconciling invoices received with purchase orders sent to suppliers was a major challenge for Matisseo. Their order tracking system did not allow them to track the prices charged by their suppliers in detail, nor even to automatically reconcile the invoices received with the orders placed.

Each price difference practiced by their suppliers was not measurable with each receipt of invoices.


“The supplier could charge us 30% more, we didn’t have the possibility to check it automatically.”

Stéphan Brachet, Founder & President of Matisseo


Why Matisseo choosed Weproc

The implementation of the tool allowed them to modify their internal processes in order to be more efficient.

atisseo was looking for a reliable order management system that could grow with its organization. After contacting several publishers, Stephan chose Weproc.

“We didn’t want a tool that was too cumbersome to set up and complex to use. We only needed software that answered our problems. In addition, the Weproc team was responsive to answer our questions and allowed us to test the tool before committing. Their customer service and responsiveness made the difference. »

Full visibility into all company orders

Weproc now allows Matisseo to easily track and manage all of the company’s order flows. Yohan is now autonomous when it comes to placing orders, and can follow orders placed in real time. It can also automatically create purchase orders and automatically send them by email to the supplier, whereas these tasks were manual before using the software.

Save time tracking orders and deliveries

Order tracking has become much easier thanks to the automatic tracking offered by Weproc. At a glance, Yohan can find the orders that have been placed, those that are being delivered and those that have already arrived.

Weproc’s reception management module also allows it to easily check whether the orders received comply with the orders placed with its suppliers. Monitoring the quantities received also allows him to follow up and follow up with his suppliers in the event that the latter have to return part of his orders.

Savings made on processing time and verification of invoices received

Weproc allows Matisseo to automatically reconcile all invoices received from its suppliers. The invoice management module makes it possible to read the information entered on the invoice, to transcribe it and thus to reconcile the invoice with the order form issued via the platform.

It is now easy for them to detect price discrepancies on each of the invoices received, and thus report to suppliers that they have not invoiced the correct amount.


“Installation was quick and easy. The Weproc team was present from the start to support us and train us in the use of the software.”

Stéphan Brachet, Founder & President of Matisseo


As organizations grow, it is important that the tools can adapt. The implementation of Weproc within Matisseo has enabled the company to have structured and streamlined procedures. A better overall organization in terms of managing the company's expenses allows them to be more efficient on a daily basis.

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